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If you can't say it, wear it.

If you can't say it, wear it.

I am SaulTP and I had a dream once.

The beginning

It started on October 28th 2009, I was in high school when this contest about creating a design for an HP Artist Edition computer blew my mind. My interest in designing started growing, I didn't win the contest but it was the start of something new.

I started drawing everywhere and anytime, I wanted to create something but I didn't know what.

At that time people were really obsessed with brand clothes that I couldn't understand what their problem was. I mean the clothes looked alike and I thought "Ok This is not a big deal. They're bragging because of their clothes but they look exactly the same. I'll create a new t-shirt brand". That's why it all began.

The name

In a society where there is negative criticism is quite hard to set up a new concept, a new idea, that was what happened.

During through all of this that came up as an idea and now it's done. I went through several situations, one of the most important was lack of support by family and friends. I used to hear "Are you kidding?" and "No way". The only escape I found was music, a certain fascination for horror movies and an extensive world of bad words I wanted to say to all that people who wanted to see me fall.

"As you wish" by Alesana (My favorite band by the way) was the song where I got the name for this project, the phrase "endured such terrific pain" made me strong throughout this situation, the criticisms, I was really done with hearing all the time that it was a fool's thing. I think all these moments were my motivation to keep going. There was a lot of frustration surrounding me that I just wanted to give up, but I didn't. That's why I decided to set up this name to the project.